Three Types of Career Training to Tune-up your career

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There are many ways to tune-up your career through career training. The three types of career training to tune-up your career are: (1) continue formal education (2) take a class or (3) learn a new skill. In fact over a career lifetime, you may find that you use all of these strategies to keep your career strong.


Continue formal education.

Formal education can be a good way to prepare for a career, a new career, or a professional career job. This starts by looking at where you are on the education path.

High School completion. If you haven’t completed high school, this may be the time to do this. Prepare for the GED® Test or Prepare for the GED® Math Test.

Bachelor’s degree completion. If you are getting ready to begin college, you may need to take the SAT or ACT test. Prepare for this with an SAT/ACT Preparation – Part 1 or SAT/ACT Preparation – Part 2.

Advanced degree completion. May you have completed college and want to pursue an advanced degree. You can prepare for this by taking the GRE with GRE Preparation – Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical) or GRE Preparation – Part 2 (Quantitative). If you want an advanced degree in a specialty area like business, you will want to take the GMAT Preparation for the GMAT exam. If you want to go to law school, you can prepare by taking LSAT Preparation – Part 1 and LSAT preparation – part 2.


Take a class.

Sometimes your career tune-up is as simple as taking a class that teaches you what you need to know to move forward with your career. This could include information on starting a business, marketing or financings, or other business knowledge.

Starting a Business. In order to successfully start a business, you will need to know how the basics to Start your Own Small Business, Starting a Consulting Practice, or Creating a Successful Business Plan.

Marketing or Financing. You may want to learn more about marketing your Business on the Internet, Effective Selling and Keys to Successful Money Management, Real Estate Investing, or Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

Business Knowledge. A class may help you get the business knowledge you need. This may include Accounting Fundamentals, Mastery of Business Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Supervision and Management, Employment Law Fundamentals, or Understanding the Human Resource Function.


Learn a new skill.

Skills based training focuses tuning up your career by getting a new skills. Sometimes one extra skill can give you the boost that you need to enhance your career.

• Accounting – Increase your abilities to know or use the numbers of business by learning about Accounting Fundamentals or Introduction to QuickBooks 2015.
• Graphic or Web design – Expand your abilities to be involved in graphic or web design. Learn about Creating Web Pages, Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate, Designing Effective Web sites, or Creating WordPress Websites.

• Programming – Up your ability to work on computers and do programming. Start by learning Introduction to Programming, Introduction to C++ Programming, or Mac, iPhone, and iPad Programming.
As you apply these three ways to tune-up your career you will find that your new degree, class or capabilities help you get the job you desire.


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