Proofreading And Writing Improvement Services.

Whatever you decide to write, remember that whether you are preparing an academic paper, a job application, a book, an article, a web post or a business document, it is essential to proofread it before you share it with other people.

This is the service that we offer:

  • correcting spelling mistakes.
  • identifying and correcting wrong word usage.
  • identifying and correcting grammar mistakes.
  • identifying and correcting punctuation mistakes.
  • checking for and correcting inconsistency in writing style.
  • checking for and correcting inappropriate grammar.

The service is offered in the English language only.

Why you need a proofreader.

Editing involves major changes. It might involve deleting text, inserting text and moving text around. The editing phase comes first and involves making major changes to the document.  It might require deleting text, inserting text and moving text around. This is the task of the writer. The proofreading phase comes last after everything else is done and adds a final professional quality to your work.   Proofreading should only be done after you have finished editing and are comfortable with the final draft. The proofreading service at Minds is carried out by a qualified native British English language expert. We will be able to identify problems with the text that will be missed by the writer.

This is how our service works.

  • Submit your document as an attachment in Microsoft Word or plain text format to an email addressed to Submitting your writing in this format allows us to track our changes and comments.
  • After we receive your document, we will examine it closely and send you a quote plus an estimated turnaround time.
  • Once agreed, you will organise the payment. Sidra will contact you to arrange this.
  • The proofread document will be sent to you by email. The turnaround time will be no longer than 48 hours.
  • After receiving the document you will have the opportunity to discuss the changes with the proofreader if you want to. Call front office (telephone 056-5019588, whatsapp 056-5019666) or send her an email (, and she will schedule an online Zoom meeting with the proofreader.

This service is available for individual and corporate customers.

Privacy: We respect your privacy and security. The content of any document submitted to us will not be disclosed to any third party. The document you send us will be stored in a password protected file. After completing the proofreading, the document will be deleted from our system.

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