The Aims of the Modern Foreign Languages Department 

  • To foster pupils’ and students’ enjoyment of language learning
  • To have high expectations of pupils’ and students’ achievement.
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of the cultures and ways of life of other countries
  • To encourage pride in successful linguistic achievement
  • To ensure that pupils and students achieve their full potential in public examinations

Arabic/French/German and Urdu

The structure of the course is very similar for each language taught.
Arabic, French German and Urdu are offered from beginners to a higher level and IGCSE.  However, the course could run if a minimum number of 5 students are enrolled. Other languages will be introduced soon.


You will develop and test your ability in the four key language skills: writing, speaking, reading and listening.  In addition to traditional work on grammar, comprehension and vocabulary you will also have the opportunity to develop your understanding of the history, culture and current affairs of each country.


These courses are topic-based and assessed through written, oral and listening in the center and through examinations.

Target Language

The department believes that appropriate use of target language in the 4 languages mentioned above, in the classroom leads to faster progress and that the most successful Modern Foreign Language classes are those in which it is used frequently by the teacher and students.

  • In addition to using target language for routine activities such as those listed above, it may also be used to explain more complex tasks. Students’ comprehension is often achieved best when activities are modelled in the target language rather than spending a long time explaining the activity.
  • REQUIREMENTS – No qualifications or knowledge of the selected language are required to embark on the course.
  • DETAILS – Whether you are a complete beginner, a tad rusty or already fluent and want to enjoy conversations, the course will provide an introduction to spoken Arabic, French, German and Urdu. You will acquire a working knowledge of grammar and vocabulary suited to everyday needs. There will be opportunities to practice in small groups and there are no formal assessments.
  • CONTENT – Classes will cover a mix of grammar and development of vocabulary. Each week, a different topic will be covered: holidays, health, geography, directions, family and the weather for example.