6 Ways to Boost Your Career in Dubai

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How to achieve freedom, independence, and greater sense of satisfaction in your career? Have you ever thought of pursuing your own dreams and becoming your own boss? These are all possible when you feel that you’re doing something you really want to do in your career.

Career success comes at a cost but once you’ve committed to it, you will have a sense of fulfilment and everything else will fall into place. But given Dubai corporate world’s very competitive nature, climbing up your career ladder can be a tough feat. Here are a few things to keep in your mind:

1. Be passionate

When you put passion in everything you do, you will most definitely succeed. Something you’re passionate about causes fire burning in your eyes, sparks deep interest in you. You will find yourself staying up all night thinking about a new concept or discover new ways to improve your performance.

Self-doubt will be your biggest enemy. You have to overcome thoughts that will tell you this job will not work, or you’re not ready to take that step. If you are not passionate, this doubtful moment will be very challenging. Just ask yourself: “What gives me drive and keeps my ‘engine’ running?”

Explore and look what truly excites you. Think about them and weigh the pros and cons while considering if any of these is linked to that passion. It’s important to pick something you’re good at. A field where you will be able to use your innate strengths and talents is something you’re good at. Find it and pursue it. It will surely bring you satisfaction and energize you! It helps if you look at your past successes and think about how you can use them in that specific industry and package it to create your own unique service or product.

2. Never stop learning

You should always invest in yourself by making long term investment. One thing you can do is never stop learning. Remember that the most important and by far the smartest long-term investment you can make, is in yourself. If you need to acquire a specific skill in order to start your business, do not hesitate to invest in a course, certification or even a book. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe,” Lincoln once said. So, always take the necessary time to sharpen that axe.

3. Seek advice from seniors

There are many forums and platform to enable you to do so, whether it’s online or going to networking events, go and find the information you need.

4. Make a plan and commit to it

Taking down notes of your thoughts and goals will help you keep a regular self-check. It’s better if you write it in a structured manner for clarity. It will help if you build strategic objectives, action plan, and financial assessments. This is to give you an in depth understanding of your goals and objectives, and the steps you will take to fulfill it.

5. Get your finances straight

Manage your finances by forecasting your cash flows and expenses (business and personal). Do the math and be sure you don’t leave anything out.

6. Work hard, play hard

Working from 9 to 5 doesn’t mean that you should not have a life after work. You should find time for activities other than work like meeting your friends for dinner, going to the gym or dancing the night away. It will help you keep a healthy balance. Dubai is after all the city of dreams. You just have to believe in yourself.

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