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Fawad Irfan

Head of I.T.

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Game development using Unity3D

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AutoCAD 2016 Essentials

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iPhone application development using Swift
Mobile app development is the present – and the future. If you’re looking to enter in the iPhone and iPad app marketplace, then this is the course for you. By 8th June, 2015; 100,000,000,000 apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store. Take the first step to be a mobile app entrepreneur.


  • Learn how to use Xcode to develop apps.Swift programming language.
  • Understand the Swift language and be able to code an app with confidence.
  • Learn how to build an iPhone App.
  • Learn how to become an app developer.
iPhone App development course 20 hours, AED 3000

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Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Boost your career and increase your chances to get hired by signing for this course. Equally beneficial for students to get better grades by doing their assignments efficiently, in less time with good quality.


  • Word Processing: write professional looking documents
  • Spreadsheet: prepare professional report with charts.
  • Presentation: make attention grabbing, idea selling presentations.

MS Office 2016 – Beginner Level 6 lectures, AED 750

MS Office 2016 – Intermediate Level 6 lectures, AED 750

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Website Design & Development
After attending this course you will be able to design your own responsive web site that will look good on both laptop, PCs and mobile devices. Follow a consistent style on the whole website using master template. Add interactivity to the website using Javascript.
Technology: Apache Web Server, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript (Windows/UNIX/LINUX platform), Text editor (Notepad++, or Sublime)

Website Design & Development 6 lectures, AED 750

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Graphic Designing Using GIMP
GIMP is a free photo editing and image manipulation application. Users can create unique graphic designs, enhance family photos, or alter existing images using a wide array of tools within the program. GIMP offers a substantial number of customizable options, digital filters, and photo manipulation tools for assisting with editing projects of any kind and size. GIMP is recommended for anyone ages 10 and up.

Graphic Designing Using GIMP 6 lectures, AED 750

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Google Apps for Students
In this course, we will explore how to leverage the power of Google Apps in the process of learning new information, all through the lens of a student. We will discuss tips and tricks for both in class and study best practices, as well as how to manage time and projects with Google Apps. This course is designed to help students become more organized and to help save time in everyday student tasks.
Even though we will explore Google Apps from the perspective of a student, teachers can also use this course to learn how to help their students succeed by recommending these tips and tricks inside the classroom.

Google Apps 6 lectures, AED 750

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