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Fawad Irfan

Head of I.T.

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IT Courses

IT has become part of our life, business and society as a whole. We have step forward from Smartphone to Smart homes, Smart City and e-Goverment.  We are living in a connected world by means of internet. Now, internet has got a new name Iot, the “internet of things”. And the enabling medium used for this connectivity is web and mobile.

UAE is at the  forefront in adopting IT Services in the world. Therefore, considering the IT landscape in UAE and the world in general, we have distributed our IT courses offering in the following groups.

Mobile App Development

  • iPhone App Development Using Swift

Website Design & Development

  • Responsive Website Design: Using HTML, CSS and Javascript

Office Productivity Applications

  • MS Office 2016 – Beginner
  • MS Office 2016 – Intermediate

IT Service Management

  • ITIL V3 (2011) Foundation Course preparation


  • Graphic Designing Using GIMP (GIMP is open source alternate of Adobe Photoshop)
  • Google Apps for Students

    Learn C# Programming

    • Introducing C#
    • C# Language elements
    • data types
    • program flow
    • loops
    • conditions
    • Object Oriented programming in C# • encapsulation
    • polymorphism
    • inheritance
    • Exception Handling
    • Resource Management

    Learn UNITY 3d Game development

    • Understanding game and level design theory Organizing your project in Unity
    • Creating and transforming objects
    • Setting up the geometry
    • Painting in terrain, textures
    • Adjusting the render settings
    • Importing terrains
    • Creating a first-person controller Building animating game objects with C# Creating materials
    • Lighting the game
    • First Person Shooter Game